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Caller ID

With the use of a device that has Caller ID capabilities, a customer can determine the number calling before answering the phone if the number has not been blocked by the caller.

Residential $4.00/month*
Business $5.00/month*

Call Waiting

A beep signal is heard to indicate to the customer already engaged in a telephone conversation that second caller is attempting to dial in. Allows the customer to put the first caller on hold and answer the second line. The customer can alternate between callers if so desired.

Residential $3.00/month*
Business $4.00/month*

Call Forwarding

When activated, redirects incoming calls to another customer-specified line. The calling party is billed for the initial call, while the customer is responsible for the forwarded portion of the call.

Press *72 on your phone and you will hear a tone. Then add the 10-digit phone number you would like the calls on the phone to forward to. Press *73 to remove the telephone number receiving the forwarded calls.

Residential $2.00/month*
Business $4.00/month*

Buy all three and save!

CC3 Package

Bundle Call ID, Call Waiting, and Call Forwarding for one low price.  We’ll even waive the setup fee!

Residential $5.00/month*
Business $5.00/month*
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*All customer calling features incur a one-time setup fee. $25.00 for residential customers and $29.75 for business customers. Customer is responsible for all applicable toll charges associated with forwarded, predesignated and call returned numbers. Prices are subject to change.