WRGB (CBS) WCWN (CW) Trouble Airing its regularly scheduled programming at this time

UPDATE:  all programming has been restored to normal for these networks.

Sinclair Broadcasting Group, including the Capital Region stations WRGB (CBS) and WCWN (CW), has been impacted by a ransomware cybersecurity incident.  Their stations are on the air, however, certain aspects of their business operations have been disrupted, including the ability to air some regularly scheduled programming at this time.  Sinclair Broadcasting is working diligently to address the incident and to restore operations quickly and securely.  Its top priority is to restore normal business operations and fulfill commitments to its valued partners as quickly as is safe to do so.

Sinclair Broadcasting content can be found on MIDTEL Cable TV channels:

  1. With a Set-Top box/DVR: 701/101/6 (CBS) & 705/105/2 (CW)
  2. With-out a Set-Top box/DVR: 6 (CBS) & 2 (CW)