Turner Networks Negotiations


We have successfully completed negotiating a new agreement to keep the Turner networks on our lineup. This has been a difficult negotiation, but the end result was a new agreement that will keep these popular channels on your lineup for you family’s enjoyment.

Important Notice to all MIDTEL Cable TV customers:

Our agreement to carry the Turner networks expires on Sunday April 30th and may not be renewed due to lack of agreement on terms. We have been negotiating with the contract owners for months and thought we had a good chance of having a new agreement in place prior to the expiration date. The main sticking point is the rate increases they are attempting to include in this new agreement. These proposed rate increases are substantial, and we are not willing to accept them as they will lead to even higher rate changes for you.

The following channels are included in this agreement:

Tru TV
Turner Classic Movies

We will be negotiating throughout the weekend and are hoping for a positive outcome but wanted you to be aware that if we are not successful, we may lose access to these channels until we can reach a satisfactory agreement.

Thank You from your friends and neighbors at MIDTEL