NFL RedZone Preview 9/3-9/13

The NFL Network is offering a Free Preview of the RedZone channel beginning Thursday, September 3rd until Sunday, September 13th.

NFL RedZone will be available for MIDTEL customers to preview during that time on Channel 248 and Channel 848 in HD.  Analog customers with a Digital TV will also be able to scan and receive these channels on Channel 64.4 and Channel 65.2 in HD.

The programing during this period will be 2019 RedZone season replays on loop.  At 8AM Thursday, September 4th morning, week 1 RedZone from the 2019 season will be shown. When week 1 RedZone concludes around 3PM, week 2 RedZone from 2019 will be shown. The next day will be week 3 and 4 in the same fashion and so on up to September 13th, which will be the week 1 RedZone of the 2020 season.