Newsmax Negotiations

Attention MIDTEL Cable TV customers:

UPDATE: Good news, we successfully negotiated acceptable terms with Newsmax.  Thus, MIDTEL will continue to carry the Newsmax channel for the current year.

For the last few months, we have been pursuing an updated carriage agreement with Newsmax, which expires at the end of the year. The proposed agreement is unacceptable due to the demands for immediate higher rates and additional terms resulting in increased costs over the life of the agreement. These increased costs would eventually be passed through to customers.

Although we continue to negotiate in good faith on your behalf, we may not complete an acceptable agreement by the end of the year, which may require us to have to drop the channel on December 31st. We apologize for this action, if this national content network is unwilling to reduce their demands in a meaningful fashion.

We continue to provide the channels you want at a fair price, despite the national content networks unrelenting increased fees. We are a local business, which means we invest in our networks and employees to serve our communities and customers.