125th Anniversary – Present Day

MIDTEL continued to expand on its New NY Broadband grants, extending fiber deeper into the rural areas of Albany and Schoharie County’s and constructing fiber in the areas the grants did not cover.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck in March of 2020 causing us to change how we interacted with our customers.  As with the world around us, MIDTEL’s lobby doors closed, and all non-essential installations were required to be put on hold.  Customer visits were handled over the phone, to the side of the customer’s premise and sometimes self-installed and guided by our technician through a window or over the phone.

MIDTEL understood that high-speed internet access was more critical than ever for online learning and work from home situations and wanted to help.  In April of 2020, MIDTEL partnered with municipalities and community partners to offer Free WiFi access at various locations throughout our service territory.  Those locations included:  Blenheim Town Hall, Broome Town Hall, Fulton Town Hall, Huntersland Fire Department, Schoharie Fire Department, Summit Town Hall, and Wright Town Hall.

In 2021, Subsidiaries of the Delhi Telephone Company, Margaretville Telephone Company, and MIDTEL partnered to purchase Proline CATV & Construction. The three companies have a storied history of working together for over 100 years and over multiple generations of family leadership.  In honor of Proline CATV & Construction and their proud history of quality and great service, the company was named Proline Telecommunications Construction.

In March, April and May of 2021 the USDA Farmers to Families program came to the Village of Middleburgh with the distribution of food boxes as part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.  MIDTEL staff assisted in handing out thousands of 25-pound boxes of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products to our community. The Farmers to Families program was brought to Middleburgh through the Capital District YMCA, The Valley Community Recreation Center, Middleburgh Hardware, and the Village of Middleburgh.








After spending her entire life with the company in every capacity imaginable, Marge Becker passed away at the age of 98 on May 25, 2021. Many in the community were touched by her loss. Her dedication and service to the Middleburgh community and surrounding areas will always be remembered by many, and appropriately honored with lined sidewalks in the village of Middleburgh while she was moved from the church to the cemetery.

Three of Randy and Marge’s grandsons are now the President, Executive Vice President/General Manager, and Vice President of Operations. The family leadership of Jim Becker, Jason Becker, and Keith Becker is currently what captains the company to this day.

Now, a 4th generation family-owned business, MIDTEL is a company that is committed to providing its customers excellent telecommunication services, equipment, and customer service and giving back to the community where the company’s journey began.

Thank you for taking this stroll down MIDTEL memory lane with us!