What Server Settings do I use with MIDTEL’s email service?

For quick access, from any internet connected computer with a web browser, you can use MIDTEL’s Webmail https://mail.midtel.net

If you would like to set up your @midtel.net account on your phone or computer using applications such as Gmail, Outlook, or Thunderbird, you must enter the server settings for MIDTEL during their setup process. The correct Email Server Settings for POP3, IMAP and SMTP are as follows. 


Incoming Server Settings

Based on their descriptions, choose to use either POP3 or IMAP as your incoming server. You do not need to enter the information for both.

POP3 Server Settings
POP3 is the Post Office Protocol for retrieving e-mail messages. Your client downloads your e-mails from the MIDTEL server to your Inbox, then deletes the server copy. Your e-mail messages are stored locally on your device.

  • POP Server (Incoming) – pop.midtel.net
  • SSL Encrypted Port Number – 995


IMAP Server Settings (Recommended)

When using IMAP your e-mail messages stay stored on MIDTEL’s servers. This includes your Inbox, Sent Items and other Saved Folders. This is ideal if you would like to access your e-mails on multiple devices.

  • IMAP Server (Incoming) – mail.midtel.net
  • SSL Encrypted Port Number – 993


Outgoing Server Settings

SMTP Server Settings 

  • SMTP Server (Outgoing) – mail.midtel.net
  • SSL Encrypted Port Number – 587
  • SMTP Authentication is Mandatory


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