What Server Settings do I use with MIDTEL’s email service?

For quick access, from any internet connected computer with a web browser, you can use MIDTEL’s Webmail https://mail.midtel.net

The correct Email Server Settings for POP3, IMAP and SMTP are:

POP3 Server Settings
POP3 is the Post Office Protocol for retrieving e-mail messages. Your client downloads your e-mails from the MIDTEL server to your Inbox, then deletes the server copy. Your e-mail messages are stored locally on your device.

  • POP Server (Incoming) – pop.midtel.net
  • SSL Encrypted Port Number (Recommended) – 995
  • Unencrypted Port Number – 110

IMAP Server Settings

When using IMAP your e-mail messages stay stored on MIDTEL’s servers. This includes your Inbox, Sent Items and other Saved Folders.

  • IMAP Server (Incoming) – mail.midtel.net
  • SSL Encrypted Port Number (Recommended) – 993
  • Unencrypted Port Number – 143

SMTP Server Settings (Outgoing)

  • SMTP Server (Outgoing) – mail.midtel.net
  • SSL Encrypted Port Number (Recommended) – 465
  • Unencrypted Port Number – 587
  • SMTP Authentication is Mandatory

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