Additional Email Tidbits

Q. I have an Apple iPhone. I can receive my MIDTEL e-mails, but I can not send.

A. Try clicking on your MIDTEL email account, then scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP).  As for the Host Name, use – “” (without the quotation marks). The entry of your username would be your full e-mail address – Finally, scroll down and choose Advanced and denote/choose Password Authentication.

Q. What is the maximum size e-mail attachment I can send using MIDTEL’s e-mail service?

A. The total size of the message, including the body and any attachments is 20MB.

Q. I’m trying to set up an e-mail server, but the outgoing messages seem to be blocked, why?

A. MIDTEL blocks outgoing traffic on Port 25, this is mainly to stop viruses that setup their own SMTP on the infected device. You can gain the ability to send on Port 25 by subscribing to a Static IP address. Please contact MIDTEL to set one up.

Q. I use MIDTEL for my e-mail, but sometimes I connect to the Internet through another ISP. When I do this I can receive my e-mail, but I can not send, why?

A. You’ll need to configure additional settings in your e-mail client to do this. First, set your e-mail client to use SMTP Authentication. Second, set your e-mail client to send mail on Port 587.

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